AI Upscaling Done Right: Is HitPaw the Ultimate Video Enhancer? (Review)

Ever wished you could wave a magic wand and turn your blurry, low-res videos into crisp, high-definition masterpieces? It’s almost like magic with HitPaw AI Video Enhancer. In this post, I’m diving deep into this innovative tool, exploring its features, performance, and user experience.

We’ll uncover how this software takes your videos from meh to magnificent with just a few clicks. From its user-friendly interface to various AI models tailored for different types of videos, we’re covering it all! I’ll guide you through each step of transforming your videos, ensuring you harness the full power of HitPaw.

Let’s jump right in and transform those videos!

HitPaw AI Video Enhancer Overview

“HitPaw takes your videos from the past into the ultra-clear future with just a few clicks.”


step4 hit preview effect
Ease of Use
Value for Money


HitPaw AI Video Enhancer is a standout software for those looking to improve their video quality with ease. Leveraging AI technology, it offers a user-friendly interface, multiple enhancement models, and supports a variety of formats.

The software provides noise reduction, detail improvement, and is backed by solid customer support. While it excels in many areas, users have expressed a desire for features like selective blurring.


What is HitPaw AI Video Enhancer?

HitPaw AI Video Enhancer is a revolutionary software that transforms your low-resolution videos into stunning high-definition creations. It’s an advanced, AI-powered tool designed to upscale videos, making every frame clearer and more detailed. Ideal for restoring old footage, enhancing personal videos, or refining professional content, HitPaw is a game-changer in video quality improvement.

This software excels in upscaling videos from lower qualities like 360p or 480p to impressive resolutions such as 1080p or 4K. What makes it stand out is its AI-driven technology. It intelligently analyzes and enhances your videos, ensuring a balance between sharpness and authenticity. Different AI models are available for various video types – from general footage to animations and portrait videos, ensuring tailored enhancement for every need.

User-friendliness is at the core of HitPaw’s design. Its intuitive interface makes it accessible to both beginners and professionals, guiding users smoothly through the enhancement process. But it’s not just about upscaling resolution; HitPaw also offers features like noise reduction, color correction, and detail enhancement, making it a comprehensive solution for video quality enhancement.

Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Tailored options for general, animation, and face enhancement.
  • Impressive upscaling to 1080p or 4K.
  • Compare enhancements instantly.
  • Supports MP4, MOV, GIF, and more.
  • Noticeable improvement in textures and sharpness.


  • Needs a decent hardware setup for smooth operation.
  • Full features require purchase.
  • Enhanced videos may take up significant storage space.
  • High-resolution output can take time to process.

Features of HitPaw AI Video Enhancer

AI-Powered UpscalingUses advanced AI algorithms to upscale videos from lower resolutions (like 360p, 480p) to higher resolutions (1080p, 4K). This enhancement isn’t just a pixel increase; it’s a comprehensive quality improvement.
Multiple AI ModelsOffers three specific AI models tailored for different video types: General Denoise for most videos, Animation for animated content, and Face for videos focusing on portraits. Each model is designed to optimize the enhancement based on the content type.
User-Friendly InterfaceDesigned for ease of use, the interface is intuitive and straightforward, making it accessible for both beginners and professionals. Navigating through the features and options is seamless.
Real-Time PreviewAllows users to preview the enhancements in real-time, providing a side-by-side comparison of the original and enhanced video. This feature helps in making immediate adjustments and seeing the results instantly.
Format VersatilitySupports a wide range of video formats including MP4, MOV, GIF, etc., offering flexibility in terms of input and output options.
Noise ReductionIncludes a noise reduction feature, which is particularly useful for enhancing old or grainy footage. This feature helps in cleaning up the video, making it clearer and more pleasant to watch.
Detail EnhancementFocuses on improving the details in a video. It sharpens the textures, enhances edges, and brings out subtle details that might be lost in lower resolutions.
Color CorrectionProvides color correction tools to enhance the overall look of the video. This feature is essential for maintaining color accuracy and vibrancy in the enhanced video.

How to Use HitPaw AI Video Enhancer? Step-by-Step

It’s a breeze to use, and I’ll walk you through every step.

Step 1: Downloading and Launching HitPaw Video Enhancer

First things first, grab the software from Once downloaded, a double-click opens up a world of clarity. You’re greeted by a straightforward interface, flanked by a brief on what this tool can do. Even if you’re unprepared, HitPaw’s got you covered with sample videos to test drive.

Step 2: Importing Your Video

Click ‘choose file’ to bring in your video. A list pops up, showing details like the original low resolution. With HitPaw, you’re about to see that resolution soar.

step2 Click choose file upload video

Step 3: Selecting the Right AI Model

HitPaw offers three specialized AI models:

  • General Denoise Model: Great for a variety of videos, this model reduces noise while enhancing quality.
  • Animation Model: Specially designed for animated content, it sharpens and defines animations.
  • Face Model: Ideal for portrait videos, this model focuses on enhancing facial details.

Select the model that aligns with your video type. Then, pick your desired resolution upgrade – 1080p, 4K, or custom.

Step 3- Select Right AI Model

Step 4: Previewing the Enhancement

Drag the play line to select a frame, then hit ‘preview effect’. A side-by-side comparison showcases the transformation. Only 45 frames are rendered for a quick peek, saving time while giving you a glimpse of the magic.

step4 hit preview effect

Step 5: Zooming and Examining Details

Use your mouse to zoom and navigate around the video. It’s like having a magnifying glass, revealing finer details and sharper images post-enhancement.

Step 5- Zoom Details

Step 6: Exporting the Enhanced Video

Once satisfied, choose ‘export’. Select a destination for your file and watch HitPaw work its magic. The software efficiently renders the video, translating your choices into stunning clarity.

Step 6- Export Enhanced Video

Step 7: Exploring Other Models

Don’t limit yourself to one model. Try all three to see which works best for different video types. Whether it’s a classic cartoon or a detailed portrait, each model has unique strengths.

Use Cases

  1. Restoring Vintage Home Movies: HitPaw is exceptional for enhancing old family videos. Its AI algorithms are adept at handling the unique challenges of aging film, like color fading and noise, restoring cherished memories to modern clarity.
  2. Improving Low-Res YouTube Videos: Content creators with older YouTube videos can use HitPaw to upscale these videos, enhancing their appeal for new audiences without reshooting the content.
  3. Refining Portrait Videos in Vlogs: Vloggers can use the Face AI model to enhance close-up shots in their videos, ensuring facial features and expressions are crystal clear, adding a professional touch to their content.
  4. Upgrading Animation for Indie Animators: Independent animators with limited resources can use HitPaw’s Animation model to enhance their work, giving a polished look to animation projects that might not have the highest initial quality.
  5. Enhancing Detail in Nature and Wildlife Videos: Wildlife enthusiasts and documentarians can utilize HitPaw to bring out intricate details in their footage, from the textures of animal fur to the subtleties of natural landscapes.
  6. Upscaling Educational Videos for Clarity: Educators creating online courses can use HitPaw to ensure their video content is clear and engaging, especially when dealing with detailed visuals or text in presentations.
  7. Optimizing Marketing Videos for Retail Products: Marketers can use HitPaw to enhance product videos, ensuring that every detail of the product is vivid and appealing to potential customers.
  8. Enhancing Short Films for Film Students: Film students can use HitPaw to improve the quality of their short films, particularly when working with limited equipment or budget constraints.
  9. Refining DIY Craft and Tutorial Videos: For creators of DIY, craft, or tutorial videos, HitPaw can help in enhancing the visual clarity, making intricate details and procedures easier for viewers to follow.

HitPaw AI Video Enhancer: Plans & Pricing

HitPaw AI Video Enhancer offers flexible plans and pricing to cater to different user needs. Both individual and business users can enjoy features like a 30-Day Refund Guarantee, Instant Delivery by Email, VAT-Excluded Prices, and 24/7 Tech Support. Below are detailed tables for individual and business plans:

Individual Plans for macOS and Windows Users

PlanmacOS PriceWindows PriceQuantityCommon Features
1 Month$69.99$42.991 Device– Cancel Subscription Anytime
– 1 Month Full-featured License
– Free Upgrades for All Big Version Updates During Subscription
1 Year$109.99$99.991 Device– Cancel Subscription Anytime
– 1 Month Full-featured License
– Free Upgrades for All Big Version Updates During Subscription
Perpetual$349.99$349.991 Device– Perpetual Full-featured License
– Perpetual Free Upgrades for All Big Version Updates

Business Plans for macOS and Windows Users

Number of DevicesPrice

User Reviews of HitPaw AI Video Enhancer

HitPaw AI Video Enhancer has been making waves in the video editing community, acclaimed for its sharpness and ease of use. Users rave about the software’s ability to make every frame stand out with little effort, resulting in videos that look exceptionally clear. It’s particularly praised for saving time by automating settings such as saturation and lighting, which manually would take a considerable amount of effort and expertise.

However, it’s not without its critiques. Some users point out that while enhancement is usually the goal, there are instances where a blurring effect is necessary, especially when dealing with sensitive information. They suggest that an AI-powered tool for selective clarity would be a valuable addition to the software’s suite of features.

The software’s user-friendliness is repeatedly mentioned, with many agreeing that it’s suitable even for those new to video editing. Quick, easy, and effective are words commonly used to describe the experience of creating videos with HitPaw.

Customer support also stands out, with stories of prompt and helpful responses. Issues with related products like HitPaw Photo AI have been swiftly addressed, leaving users satisfied and confident in the support team’s ability to resolve problems.

Comparisons with other big names like Topaz in the video enhancing software market suggest that HitPaw holds its own in terms of quality. Some users go as far as to prefer HitPaw over others, citing its superior performance and even offering it endorsement deals.

Professionals in the field of photo restoration have found the software’s sharpness feature to be particularly beneficial. The feedback from such users indicates that HitPaw delivers results that are not just good but “wonderful,” contributing significantly to their workflows.

Best HitPaw AI Video Enhancer Alternatives

For those seeking different options in video enhancement software, there are several alternatives to HitPaw AI Video Enhancer. Each offers its unique set of features, catering to various user preferences and needs. Below is a table outlining some of the top alternatives, including what they’re best known for:

SoftwareKey FeaturesBest For
Topaz Video Enhance AI– AI-based upscaling
– Motion consistency
– Detail preservation
Detail-oriented upscaling
Adobe Premiere Pro– Industry-standard editing tools
– Extensive plugins
– Collaboration
Professional video editing and production
Aiseesoft Mac Video Enhancer– Improve video quality
– Upscale resolution
– Remove video noise
Mac users needing basic enhancements
AnyMP4 Video Enhancement– Enhance and upscale video
– Rotate and flip features
– Easy interface
Simple video quality improvements
AVCLabs AI Video Enhancer– AI-driven enhancement
– Color correction
– Frame-by-frame processing
Color and brightness corrections
DVDFab AI Video Enhancer– AI-powered
– Sharpening blurry videos
– Enlarging videos without losing quality
Enhancing old DVDs and low-res videos
Video2X– Open source
– Frame rate conversion
– Batch processing
Free, open-source upscaling
Vegas Pro– Multicam editing
– Advanced audio editing
– GPU acceleration
Multifaceted media production

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HitPaw AI Video Converter Review & Ultimate Guide


The recap

To wrap it up, HitPaw AI Video Enhancer is a strong contender in the video enhancement space. It’s appreciated for its simplicity, quality results, and dedicated customer support. While there are alternatives, HitPaw holds its own with features that cater to a range of needs. Whether you’re touching up old footage or finessing recent clips, HitPaw offers a practical solution for clear, high-resolution videos.

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