How To Create & Sell Top-Selling Coloring Books on Amazon KDP with Leonardo AI (Step-by-Step)

Hey fellow artists, color enthusiasts, and side-hustle heroes! Feeling the creative itch but short on time or traditional artistic skills? Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the magical world of generating stunning coloring books – fast – using the awesome power of Leonardo AI and launching them straight onto Amazon KDP.

Forget endless hours bent over a drawing board or wrestling with finicky design software. With Leonardo AI, you’ll be conjuring up captivating landscapes, adorable critters, and intricate patterns in a fraction of the time, leaving you more room to sip coffee, celebrate small victories, and dance around your living room – because who doesn’t do a victory dance when their pixelated masterpiece comes to life?

But before we grab our digital paintbrushes, let’s set the scene:

Leonardo AI is your creative playground, an AI-powered artist’s studio on steroids. It boasts user-friendly features, lets you train custom models for your specific style, and best of all, grants you commercial use rights. That means your pixelated masterpieces can become real, tangible coloring books gracing the shelves (or pixels) of Amazon KDP. Now, let’s grab our digital toolbox and get to the good stuff!

Getting Started with Leonardo AI

  1. Summon the Muse: Head over to and create your free account. Don’t worry, Leonardo welcomes aspiring artists with open arms (and plenty of AI magic), so feel free to explore without pressure.
  2. Join the Tribe: Jump into the Leonardo AI Discord community! It’s a treasure trove of helpful tips, friendly advice, and inspiration from fellow creative warriors. Trust me, the collective wisdom of this community is like having a secret stash of artistic pixie dust.
  3. Plan Your Adventure: Leonardo AI offers free and paid subscription plans, each packed with powerful features. For now, the free plan is your trusty companion. Just remember, like any good adventurer, you might need to get a little creative and work within its limitations. We’ll conquer those later!

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Creating Coloring Book Images with Leonardo AI

Now, the main event! Let’s dive into the heart of transforming your imagination into pixelated masterpieces:

1. Featured Models: Your Instant Art Arsenal

Think of Featured Models as pre-trained artists, each with their own unique style. For coloring books, “Leonardo Diffusion” is your artistic BFF. It excels at creating detailed, vibrant scenes – perfect for those mesmerizing landscapes and playful animal friends. Don’t be afraid to explore other models too! Maybe you’ll stumble upon a hidden gem for a whimsical fantasy world or a retro 8-bit adventure.

choose Models for coloring books

2. Prompt Power: Whispering Ideas to Your AI Muse

Prompts are like magic spells that guide your AI artist. For coloring books, be clear and concise. Instead of “forest scene,” try “enchanted forest with sunlight filtering through towering trees, a mystical river winding through the ferns, and a curious deer peeking from behind a mossy log.” The more descriptive you are, the more your AI muse can paint your vision.

Prompt for coloring books

3. Fine-tuning Your Masterpiece

Remember those limitations of the free plan? This is where the magic gets even sweeter.

  • Prompt Magic: Think of it as a polishing cloth for your prompts. Give it your initial prompt, let it analyze, and watch it suggest tweaks for even greater accuracy.
  • Negative Prompts: These are like artistic “no fly zones.” Tell your AI what you don’t want, like “no cars,” “no humans,” or “no straight lines,” and watch it work its magic to remove unwanted elements.

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Building Your Coloring Book

With a collection of stunning images, it’s time to assemble your masterpiece!

1. Image Selection:

Not all your AI-generated art will be instant gold. Choose the images that sing to your soul, the ones that make you want to grab your favorite colored pencils. To create a diverse and engaging coloring book, aim to include at least 20 such images.

2. Upscaling and Downloading for Print Perfection:

Now, it’s time to transform your pixelated gems into the crisp, high-resolution images that will grace your coloring book pages. Leonardo AI offers a variety of upscaling options, but for coloring books, finding the sweet spot between detail and smoothness is key. Here’s your cheat sheet:

  • HD Crisp Upscale: Your safest bet! This balanced upscaler preserves detail while adding sharpness, perfect for intricate patterns and playful scenes.
  • Creative Upscale: Feeling adventurous? This option can enhance features and add artistic flair, but fine details might get a bit fuzzy. Use it for eye-catching covers or unique backgrounds.
  • HD Smooth Upscale: Best for images with a central focus, like a majestic animal or a serene landscape. It smooths out pixelation, but be mindful that intricate details might get blurred.

Need to tweak details before upscaling? The AI Canvas is your digital artist’s toolbox. Erase stray lines, adjust colors, or fine-tune elements for that extra polish. Remember, every token spent on upscaling and edits adds to your creative investment, so choose wisely!

Upscale images leonardo ai canvas

Finally, when exporting your masterpiece, don’t forget the magic of CMYK! This color format is printer’s best friend, ensuring your vibrant hues translate seamlessly onto the page. Download, export, and prepare to be dazzled by your pixelated creations transformed into print perfection!

3. Layout Like a Pro:

  • Cover page: Design a captivating first impression! Use your best image, add your book title and author name, and don’t forget a touch of your artistic flair.
  • Title page: Introduce your masterpiece! Include the title again, your name, copyright information, and maybe a dedication or a playful quote.
  • Image pages: This is where your pixelated stars shine! Arrange your images logically, leaving blank pages for bleed and margins (printers need their breathing room too!). Don’t forget to number your pages for easy coloring navigation.
  • Bonus! Back cover: Give your readers a sneak peek at the wonders inside or use it for promotional teasers of your next coloring book adventure.

4. KDP Upload and Beyond:

Now that your coloring book is a cohesive masterpiece, it’s time to unleash it on the world! Amazon KDP is your launchpad. Head over to their platform, follow their upload guidelines, and prepare to watch your creation climb the pixelated ranks.

Tips for KDP Success:

  • Keywords are king: Research relevant keywords for your niche and sprinkle them strategically throughout your book description and title.
  • Pricing for profit: Find the sweet spot between competitive pricing and fair compensation for your artistic efforts.
  • Reviews are rocket fuel: Encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews – they’ll attract even more coloring enthusiasts.


With Leonardo AI and a sprinkle of creativity, you’ve just unlocked a superpower: transforming your imagination into captivating coloring books, fast! Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination.

So, experiment, have fun, and embrace the magic of AI-powered art. Soon, you’ll be holding your very own coloring book in your hands, a testament to your artistic spirit and technological wizardry.

Now go forth, color the world, and keep those pixelated masterpieces flowing!

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