A Deep Dive into 4 New PhotoReal Presets of Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI recently introduced a groundbreaking feature, PhotoReal, offering users an advanced way to bring their digital creations to life. This feature includes four presets: Cinematic, Creative, Vibrant, and None. Each preset offers a unique approach to image rendering. Let’s delve into their distinct characteristics and applications.

Cinematic Preset

The Cinematic preset in Leonardo AI’s PhotoReal feature stands out for its ability to add a dramatic and film-like quality to images. This preset is designed to enhance the visual impact of an image, giving it a more profound and theatrical look. When applied to designs, such as the vector shirt design with the charming black cat and witch’s hat motif, the preset elevates the artwork to a new level of sophistication.

This preset’s power lies in its ability to add depth and a sense of drama to the visuals. In the cat design example, the Cinematic preset not only accentuated the colors and contours but also introduced a layer of complexity that made the image pop. The orange moon in the background became more vivid, and the black cat more striking.

However, this level of detail and drama might not be ideal for all purposes, especially for designs intended for print on merchandise like t-shirts. The elaborate effects, while visually appealing, could overwhelm the simpler aesthetic typically preferred in clothing designs. The Cinematic preset, therefore, is more suited for projects where a bold and expressive visual statement is desired, such as in digital art displays or high-impact marketing materials.

Cinematic Preset

Creative Preset

The Creative preset in Leonardo AI’s PhotoReal feature is a haven for artistic experimentation. In the case of the cat design, it introduced a mesmerizing double triple moon effect, adding layers of complexity and intrigue.

This preset seems to play with elements of surprise, seamlessly integrating unexpected details into the original concept. The enhancement of the orange moon is a perfect example, where its prominence was not just maintained but elevated, giving the image a striking focal point.

This preset is ideal for those who want to push the boundaries of their creative vision, transforming ordinary designs into captivating works of art. Whether you’re aiming for subtle nuances or bold transformations, the Creative preset offers a versatile palette for artistic expression.

Creative Preset

Vibrant Preset

The Vibrant preset in Leonardo AI’s PhotoReal feature is a celebration of color and life. It takes the ordinary and infuses it with extraordinary vibrancy. When applied to the cat design, it didn’t just enhance colors; it added a layer of whimsy by giving the cat a human-like expression. This change elevates the image from a simple vector art to a piece brimming with character and personality.

This preset is perfect for projects that aim to stand out. It’s not just about the brightness of colors but also about how it brings a static image to life. Whether it’s for digital art, animation, or even more eclectic t-shirt designs, the Vibrant preset pushes boundaries and invites viewers into a more imaginative world.

However, its bold nature might not align with all tastes, especially for those preferring subtlety in their designs. It’s a testament to Leonardo AI’s capability to cater to diverse artistic preferences, ensuring that there’s a preset for every creative need.

Vibrant Preset

None Preset

The None preset in Leonardo AI’s PhotoReal feature stands out for its subtlety and fidelity to the original design. Unlike its more flamboyant counterparts, this preset retains the core elements of the input, making it an ideal choice for designs where authenticity and simplicity are key.

In the case of the black cat vector design, the None preset perfectly preserved the charm and simplicity of the original artwork. This makes it an excellent option for applications where the design needs to speak for itself without additional embellishments, such as in clothing lines, minimalist posters, or branding materials.

Its ability to stay true to the original concept without losing the essence makes the None preset a go-to option for designers seeking to maintain a balance between creativity and practicality. It’s particularly useful when the goal is to create something that appeals to a wider audience, who might prefer a more classic or understated look.

None Preset


Each preset in Leonardo AI’s PhotoReal feature offers a unique artistic approach to image creation. While some may be more suited for artistic displays, others fit practical applications like t-shirt designs. It’s a game-changer for digital artists and designers, offering a new realm of creative possibilities.

What’s your favorite preset? Share your experiences or ideas for prompts in the comments. Your feedback could inspire the next great design!

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