Stable Video Launches! Free AI Video Tool (SVD 1.1) – Best Sora Alternative

Stable Video Diffusion has always been a model, not quite a product in the strictest sense.

stable video diffusion homepage

While the model’s effects are truly impressive, it required users to set it up themselves, making it cumbersome and inaccessible to many. Most users prefer a foolproof, one-click solution.

Fortunately, just a few hours ago, Stable Video opened up to everyone, no longer requiring a waitlist, making it available to all.

Powered by the SVD model, it comes wrapped in an application that allows users to get started quickly and easily. It supports both image-to-video and text-to-video generation.


stable video offcial site

While everyone is looking at Sora, it is currently only accessible to a select few for security testing, unlike Stable Video which is in open beta.

Until Sora’s official release, Stable Video is a great alternative to play with.

Here are a few examples of Stable Video’s capabilities:

In terms of image stabilization, motion range, and detail retention, I believe SVD is currently top-tier, or even the best (excluding Sora).

Of course, the best part is the 150 daily free credits. Each clip costs 10 credits, which means you can generate about 15 clips for free every day. Pika only offers 3 daily credits, and Runway offers none.

free 150 credits

In this regard, Stable Video is quite generous and can be used directly by casual users.

You can also purchase credits if you need more. 10 USD gets you 500 credits, and there are higher tiers available.

However, compared to Runway, it’s not as cost-effective. With a Runway membership, 10 USD gets you 1000 credits, which is equivalent to 200 seconds of video generation.

Stable Video’s 10 USD for 500 credits is only equivalent to 50 seconds, which is a significant difference.

svd credits cost

In terms of features, it offers standard camera controls and some customization options for movement speed and steps, which I won’t go into detail here as they are similar to RunwayML and Pika.

svd function

Overall, before Sora’s release, if you’re interested in AI video generation, I highly recommend Stable Video without hesitation.

In addition to the 15 free daily generations, it also offers the best image stabilization, motion range, and detail retention currently available.

It’s perfect for new users to get started and experience the allure of AI video generation!

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