Is it Real or Deepfake? New Will Smith Eating Noodles Sora Video

A year ago, the hottest AI video was “Will Smith eating noodles in a funny way”. What will it be like in the era of Sora?

Let’s take a look:

As some of you may have noticed, the video below does not have the OpenAI watermark, which is a clear indication that it is a fake AI video.

However, it is actually Will Smith himself performing in the video.

That’s right, the international superstar himself went on camera and made a big show of it.

He also pretended to be shocked and added the text “This is getting out of hand!”, which fooled quite a few netizens.

Some people watched it 5 times before they realized what was going on.

Some people watched it 5 times

The most creepy thing is that it’s hard to tell whether it’s a real performance or AI generated.

can’t tell if this is acted or AI generated

Some people even started to think about how confused AI would be when it learned this training data in the future.

confusion cause training data unbelievable

Can Sora really do it?

Since Sora was announced, netizens have been @Altman OpenAI every day asking for a remake of the noodle eating video.

However, due to concerns about the safety of generating real human images, OpenAI has never responded to these requests.

In the publicly released Sora videos, the closest comparison is “a man eating a hamburger”.

As you can see, the bitten hamburger correctly shows bite marks, demonstrating Sora’s understanding of the interaction between people and food.

It is unlikely that we will be able to see a real Sora-generated video of Will Smith eating noodles in public.

OpenAI’s red team testers are utilizing Sora to evaluate risks or potential harms in critical domains, akin to the approach taken with DALL-E 3, to mitigate the system’s ability to generate realistic human images as much as possible.

Note that participating in the red team test is one of the only two ways to get early access to Sora.

However, the threshold for participating in the red team test is also relatively high. You need to be an expert in a certain field and submit relevant qualifications or work experience.

Other than that, the only way to play with Sora early is to become an OpenAI employee.

Just recently, the Sora team opened recruitment, looking for people who are “passionate about system efficiency, believe in scalability and have the expertise to solve these problems”.

They also released Sora’s latest work, a tiger made of flowers that first disperses and then reassembles, which is also very impressive.

Some netizens immediately thought of a similar scene in the movie “Kung Fu Panda”.

It is important to note that it may take a professional team days or even weeks to create such a special effect in a movie, while AI generation only requires an ordinary person to write a sentence, and the time is calculated in minutes.

Key Points

  • Despite the viral “Will Smith eating noodles” video being a clever fake, it highlights the potential for realistic AI-generated content.
  • While Sora isn’t currently generating real human images due to safety concerns, its ability to understand interactions like biting a hamburger demonstrates its progress.
  • Participating in the red team test offers an exclusive early access opportunity, but requires expertise in a specific field.
  • OpenAI actively seeks new talent passionate about system efficiency and scalability to help navigate potential risks of powerful AI tools like Sora.
  • AI’s ability to create complex animations like the flower tiger in minutes compared to traditional movie production timeframes showcases its transformative potential.

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